I thought that we should post another update in regards to our final project, which is now due April 7th. Below is a video of what we consider to be our first iteration, a model for how our final project is going to look on-screen and sound. As you can see, our game is going to be a trivia game of sorts, with information flashing obnoxiously around the screen.

If you find the questions (and the video as a whole) difficult to follow, not to worry. On one hand, our project is supposed to make you feel overwhelmed. On the other hand, this model is clearly unfinished—the game aspect is unplayable, even if we had the flash controls hooked up and working. There is not enough time given for a player to absorb enough information to answer even one question. Therefore, expect a significant changes in the timing and architecture of our project.

For now, the video below will give you a general idea of what the video portion of our project is going to look like. However, the look of the arcade cabinet in which this video is going to play shall remain a mystery…

– Dyldebeest