The construction of the game cabinet that will house our very own, theory-inspired arcade game is well under way.  Our ideas for the cabinet itself were mostly inspired by Anna Munster’s discussion of the fold in her book Materializing New Media: Embodiment in Information Aestheitcs. We have essentially re-folded our cabinet so that the distinction between its “inside” and “outside” becomes blurred. Users will poke their heads inside the cabinet in order to use it, while those outside the cabinet will be able to see its innards. In order to (aesthetically) make the cabinet look as though it were inside-out, we have found ourselves hard at work:

Left: Dylan painting the “outside” of our cabinet.

Right: Tyler working on the control panel.

In addition to getting our hands dirty, we have also been working endlessly on the game itself, and we are excited to see our original video mock-up turning into a usable game, which would not have been possible without the help of the ever-insightful flash developer Tom Dysinski. Thank you Tom! =)

…watch for more pictures of our progress…