I was as excited as anyone when I discovered that a new RoboCop movie was in the works. The 1987 original is one of my favourite films and I think a lot more could be done with today’s movie making technologies to improve on what was already a really great concept. It’s fantastic to see that there remains such an active group of fans and that Columbia Pictures and MGM are finally giving us all what we want.  There is certainly a great deal of buzz around this movie.

There is also renewed enthusiasm and discussion taking place regarding the ethics of combining man with machine, which is something I felt I needed to weigh in on. While Cybridity has not been named explicitly in any of these ethical discussions, “cybridity” is very much at the heart of RoboCop and human/machine interaction and I want to make a few things clear about our organization and how we conduct our business.

First of all, unlike what you see in movies, our company operates under a mandate of ethical standards and transparency. Detailed descriptions of every single one of our projects are listed on our corporate website.

Second, Cybridity follows a strict ethical guideline put in place and enforced by a third-party firm. We respect the rights of all living things and design our research and development scenarios accordingly. We have received awards and accolades from a number of engineering, medical and animal rights organizations, and are proud to tout an impeccable safety record.


Finally, while much of our products boast a seamless integration between human and machine, our technology is very much at the service of its human operator(s). Our products empower people who would otherwise not be able to walk, enjoy the beauty of a sunrise or embrace a loved one. They connect people with the world around them. They allow humans to live.

RoboCop and other movies like Minority ReportSurrogates and the recent Elysium (I’m still waiting for a modern Necromancer) have done much to grow the public’s interest in science and inspire young minds. And while these movies do much to provoke public dialogue and all-important self-reflection, they do not reflect the current view or spirit of what we are working towards at Cybridity.

At Cybridity, we strive to enhance the power and spirit of humanity through assistive technologies that do not replace,  but rather enhance, our everyday experiences of life, expression and love.

Dylan McConnell
CEO, Cybridity Industries